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Our Response to COVID

Across the world, all governments and health authorities are working together in providing us solutions to fight COVID-19 pandemic and helping every single person to bring back their lives as it was just few months ago.

Similarly we at The Tech Platform want to help you in running small business, universities, schools by contributing our tech skills to help you bring back your business, education and more at FREE consultation and assistance to achieve your goals.

Kindly reach out to us by click here and let us know what we can do for you technically.


Our Current Solutions we are providing:

  • Free Video Hosting for academic usage

  • Free Accounts for accessing content

  • Assisting small business to go digital

  • Free hosting of webinars, classes, conferences

  • LIVE Session available for unlimited hours

  • Free Apps & Tools for NGOs & Hospitals to manage COVID profiles. Request a demo for our Project NEMO

We are here with you.

The Tech Platform

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